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Fearlessly Authentique by Kimberly Warner

May 26, 2021

As an educator, consultant and ‘activation’ speaker, Kate Martin’s vision is to help others tap into their full capacity by learning to trust their brilliance more than their doubts. Kate’s work is aligned with those who have learned that our thoughts direct our lives, and as we learn techniques to replace worry...

May 21, 2021

Mother's Day is in May and it is also Military Appreciation Month.  So Kimberly invited two Mighty Military Mom's to stop by Fearless Studios for a mimosa and some conversation about what it means to be a Mom in the Military.  

May 14, 2021

Been through it, and doing it.  Tracy Johnson talks fast and runs faster.  She became Kimberly's BFF inside of 5 min and the way these two power houses talk you'd think they had been friends for a decade. 



May 6, 2021

Dan O'Donnell is the host of the Dan O'Donnell show on 1130 WISN in Milwaukee, WI.  He is a rising star in the talk radio world and his view points are regularly sought after by other national radio, TV, and print outlets.  Kimberly had the opportunity to speak with Dan and learn about how it all started, how his...